You say tomato, I say....


We are so happy the weather turned warm and we were able to get our garden going and our tomatoes planted last weekend!  We loaded up the truck with soil and I did some container gardening with my father who came over for a visit. I've had some complaints in my household that we do not grow enough heirloom tomatoes and/or large tomatoes so I went big this season, here it goes:

We planted some yellow pear tomatoes (okay, those are small but also one of my favorites), Black Krim, Big Beef, Roma's and San Marzano's (for the Italian in the household), Brandywine (both red and yellow) and Napa Grape Hybrid (another one of my favorites).

I tried something new this season when putting the tomatoes in the ground:  two tablespoons of Epsom salt and two aspirin.  Yes, aspirin.  The aspirin is to help keep leaf spot and blight at bay.  You can use aspirin two different ways-drop a couple in the hole before planting, along with the Epsom salt or crush a 325 mg aspirin with a gallon of water and spray the plants every couple of weeks.

When planting tomatoes, you will also want to remove lower stems and leaves before planting in the soil.

A couple of years ago I found the magic of Pay Dirt soil. It has mushroom compost and chicken manure and I amended the existing soil in the pots from last season. The results were amazing! When it stops raining, our next round of planting in our vegetable beds will include sweet seedless hybrid tomatoes, Big Rainbow Heirlooms, Giant Pink Belgium and some Yellow Striped Beefsteaks. And a few bags of Pay Dirt...

What kinds of tomatoes are you planting this season?  Do you have any special gardening techniques you use in your growing region? Add a comment and let us know!


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